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of washington, d.c. the train was headed to florida when the engine's front wheels lost contact with the rails. investigators are checking whether the material below the tracks was too high. some passengers got bumps and bruises but luckily there were no serious injuries. >>> president obama has changed his mind, it looks like, about establishing a special fiscal commission. in a statement the president says he now supports establishing a bipartisan panel that could propose sweeping tax increases and spending cuts. the commission's goal would be to try and cut the soaring federal debt. in a statement yesterday the president said this. "the only way to solve our long-term fiscal challenges is to solve it together, democrats and republicans." >>> witnesses say they saw a ball of fire in the sky before a small plane crashed into a home in sugar grove, illinois. that's about 35 miles west of chicago. the two men on the plane were killed. other witnesses said it sounded like the plane was having engine problems yesterday before it went down. the ntsb said it was broken into several pieces. the men
in his arrest. >>> al qaeda threats close a u.s. embassy as washington battles to move extremism with talks and with force. >>> and it looks like new york's tavern on the green restaurant has gone out of business after all that time. a look at the party that ended it all and how people are remembering one of the city's most famous landmarks. >>> you are watching "hln news and views" on this first sunday of 2010. great to have you with us. i'm susan hendricks. we want to get you updated. authorities have arrested a florida man who allegedly gunned down four members of his family after thanksgiving dinner. u.s. marshals captured paul merhige at a hotel in the florida keys last night. there he is on surveillance camera. he was the focus of an intense manhunt after he allegedly shot and killed his twin sisters and a 79-year-old aunt. he also allegedly killed 6-year-old michaela sitton as she slept in her family's jupiter, florida, home. with his arrest, michaela's father says he will be able to sleep at night. >> it means i'll be able to sleep a little better tonight, and i won't be
for the day, washington 46. 41 in denver. 60 in l.a. 77 in tampa and miami. i'm reynolds look fwolf for hln. >>> we live our lives online, buying plane tickets, paying bills. why not fitness? we asked them to look at the coolest new online fitness tools. check outfitness orbit, real life fitness trainer online. >> i like the fact you can pick the activity level you're in. whether you have a desk job, a frequent traveler. >> reporter: your trainer can adjust your fitness goals on a daily basis. if nutrition is more your focus, check out an online meal plan you. >> the option of choosing from fast food, home cooked meals and each meal type opg, that's an emphasis on healthy choices. >> reporter: it comes complete with recipes, shopping list and cost per meal calculator. if all you feed is a little inspiration, a free healthy tips e-mail called healthy mondays may be your one-stop shop. >> i think healthy mondays is a great program used in conjunction with ornishtives. >> reporter: healthy monday is a free tool but the other two come with membership fees. >>> a woman who survived the devastati
, 2010, the first weekend of the new year. hope you're having a great one. >>> washington police are investigating an incident between two nba players who reportedly drew guns on one another in a locker room standoff. joe carter is here with this bizarre story. >> good morning, susan. >>> the new york post is reporting that two washington wizard players, gil ert arenas and javaris crittendon both drew guns on each other. according to the new york post, it was over a gambling dispute. they told cnn washington police are investigating. >> a lot of rumors going on. sorting rumors from fact is going to take some time. there is an investigation under way, and i can't xwhent on it. >> the wizards released a statement saying the team takes this very seriously. neither gilbert arenas or jar vars crittendon could be reached for comment. >>> the president says it appears the suspected bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab joined the group while in yemen and got training from al qaeda while there. the group gave abdulmutallab the explosives and his marching orders. in his weekly radio address, t
a church service in washington this morning, the president spoke about how faith keeps people going during these tough times. a top official leading the u.s. government's relief efforts in haiti says incidents of violence are hurting attempts to get aid to victims. the streets have been largely calm and violence is increasing, 1,000 u.s. troops in haiti and more than 3,000 others work from ships. 12,000 u.s. forces are expected to be in the region by tomorrow. >>> a u.n. worker has been rescued after spending a week trapped under a collapsed building. the man was rescued from the collapsed u.n. headquarters in haiti's capital. search and rescue crews have been working nonstop. first order of business after being free, making sure he was okay. >> does your neck hurt? >> no. >> have you having any difficulty breathing? >> no. >> do you have any pain in your back? >> only from -- >> only from being -- i'm bruised but nothing -- >> took us four hours to get to him. we got a visual on about three and had him out in four. >> that wasn't the only good news, search and rescue team from the new yor
for a lot of people from texas to washington. they're dealing with the aftermath of a powerful winter storm. >>> and organizers of tonight's grammy awards show say expect an extravagant tribute to michael jackson. but it's the role his kids will play that is causing a buzz. >>> you're watching "hln" on the last day of january 2010. as always, great to see you. i'm susan hendricks. our top story, haitian authorities are detaining ten americans they have charged with child trafficking. the five men and five women are from an idaho-based charity called new life children's refuge. now, the group says it thought the 33 children were orphans and it was going to house them in the dominican republic. one member claims dominican officials agreed to allow them in without the required paperwork. people in their hometown say they are on a god-given mission. >> i'm convinced that nothing will stand in the way of him accomplishing his purpose through this whole team. and i know that even as we speak and the ten people that are sitting in the haitian jail right now are convinced of the same. >> the haitia
officials were concerned small lee extremists might set off explosives in washington, d.c., as president obama took the oath of office. they did not know it was a false alarm. defense secretary, robert gates was taken to a secret location, just in case. >> one thing agreed was to keep robert gates, the defense security in a secret location in case the worse happened and everybody were to be killed in a catastrophic event, he could take over the presidency. >> it turned out to be a little more than just a rumor. >>> gilbert arenas was just playing a joke when he pulled guns out in the locker room. you have new wrinkles for us. >> it's a joke that nobody finds funny. gilbert arenas admits he drew a gun, but was kidding around. a voluntary meeting with authorities. he took four unloaded guns out to play a joke on a teammate. he never threatened or assaulted anyone. he recognizes it was a mistake. he stored them in the locker to keep them away from his children. he could be looking at punishment by the league and the law. >>> plaxico burris is in jail on gun charges. devin harris thinks 75%
full custody. police in washington state say she took off with the little guys 4 and 5. now they are 15, 16. when dad found out the news they were alive and well and might have a chance to see them, here was his reaction. >> it was a voice message. i was listening to the voice message. it was the detective. i turned white as a ghost. i know i was shaking. >> i'll say. how was mom found? jill haugen was arrested at her home in pennsylvania. she contacted police saying she didn't want to take care of her sons anymore. you take them from dad 11 years ago now you are done with them. call in on this one 1-877-tell-hln. steve kardian, and stacy kaiser and todd from the police department. todd, how is this all uncovered that these two now young boys or young teens were taken 11 years ago? >> a lot of luck and a very alert and attentive youth caseworker. >> the youth caseworker, what detective work did they pull off to make this happen? >> we were called to their home -- officers were called to their home on the 26th as what came in as a family dispute. at that time officers arrived and learned
, here is what we have. 62 in las vegas. 73 in phoenix, 52 back in seattle, 42 in washington, d.c., 60s and 70s in tampa and miami. finish up with boston and new york in the 30s and 40s of that's a quick look. i'm reynolds wolf for hln. enjoy your day. >>> indianapolis colts one game away from the super bowl thanks to one player to admitted he had a hard time concentrating on the game. he likes to run, likes to play. >> if i run too long, my chest starts to hurt. >> d.j. has asthma. he developed it as a baby. he said at first it was hard to figure out what was wrong with him. >> we thought he had a cold. >> reporter: mold and dust triggers the asthma. cold air can exacerbate the condition as can getting sick. >> there are a lot of children who have more problems in the fall and winter, probably due to the fact there are just more colds and more viral illnesses. >> these triggers can cause the airways and lungs to become swollen, sometimes making it hard to breathe. the key to d.j. and kids with asthma is using a prescription steroid inhaler. >> that breaks down the inflammation and keep
are participating in several events tonight and will attend a concert at washington's kennedy center. today marks the 25th federal observance of dr. king's birthday. a new cnn poll found that when asked if the u.s. has fulfilled dr. king's vision, the results were basically split down the middle. 51% saying yes, 47% saying no. the results are nearly the same when broken down by race. 55% of blacks say yes. the vision has been fulfilled. 50% of whites agree. but for blacks, that's down from last january when 69% believed dr. king's vision had been fulfilled. >>> so do you agree with the survey on dr. king's dream? has his dream been fulfilled? this is our "your views" question today. richelle is joining us. >> this is an emotional topic when we talk about race. we try to be as respectful as possible. but still show different views. we're going to start with a couple comments from my facebook page. we got this from tim. >> let's hop on the phones now. mark is joining us from south carolina. i understand you had a conversation with my producer. you expressed a view i haven't heard. you actually thin
in washington state. a federal appeals court ruled that restriction violates the federal voting rights act. prisoners claimed because minorities make up a large percentage of the prison population the ban on voting diluted their electoral clout so their conservative evergreen freedom foundation calls the court's rulings, quote, an embarrassment. the state attorney general could ask a larger group of judges to reconsider the ruling or take it straight to the supreme court. currently only maine and vermont allow those behind bars to cast ballots. >>> this is one of our your views topics today too. should prison inmates have the right to vote? give us your thoughts. call us at 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us at cnn.com/hln. text us the word views plus your comments and standard text rates apply. we'll air some of your responses throughout the day. or head to our facebook pages, christi paul hln or richelle carey hln. >>> so if you have an older car you may have to start paying more attention at the gas pump. hln money expert clark howard tells you what changes are coming to the fuel industry. >> if
lake home. powell is reportedly packing up and moving to washington state. 800 miles away, despite the fact his wife still remains missing. josh powell will call this upscale washington community his new home. >> do you have any idea what happened to her? >> no. maybe she's somewhere. >> josh powell, the sole person of interest in his wife, susan's, disappearance, hitching up the moving van and driving it back to his father's home in washington, where he'll reportedly live with his 4 and 2-year-old sons. those sons allegedly went camping with powell the night susan disappeared to test the generator and make s'mores in freezing cold conditions. >> the whole thing sounds suspicious. >> west valley police say joshua powell remains their only person of interest in susan's disappearance. >> if it was my wife that disappeared i think i would have stayed and i would have certain talked to the police and told them everything i know. >> i still need to know where my daughter is. that's kind of where i am right now. i haven't -- i haven't a clue. >> straight out to jim kirkwood with ktkk new
with a he said/he said story, didn't it? >> and the he said/he said is continuing. washington wizards star gilbert arenas says he used bad judgment by bringing three unloaded firearms to the team's locker room. well, today he will speak with local and federal authorities about it. espn and cbs both say arenas pulled the guns out after an altercation with javarris crittenton, a teammate that was on the team's plane. and then that altercation resumed more than 24 hours later in the locker room. now, crittenton's agent says that his client did not have a gun and that his name will be cleared when the truth comes out. when asked about it, arenas declined to discuss specifics. >> there's a perception that things went wrong here, that someone pulled a gun on someone. that's not true? >> i can't, you know, speak on that. but, you know, if you know me, you've been here, i've never did anything violent. anything i do is funny -- well, it's funny to me. >> well, it's not funny to the nba, richard. they have strict rules against guns on league property. and the district of columbia has very strict gu
struck. the washington post says almost 1,000 children are in the process of being adopted by u.s. families. >> this photograph saul one mother has to hold onto as she waits for word out of haiti. she was in the process of adopting haitian twins before the earthquake last tuesday. the twins arrived, but she is worried if they got proper care. heart break is something she knows all too well. her husband was one of the 13 victims that died in the bridge collapse in minneapolis in 2007. >> i wasn't able to go down to the bridge and rescue my husband. now i'm not able to go to haiti and rescue my little kids. >> according to the state department web site, more than 3,000 families adopted from haiti last year. >> imagine if you had family living in haiti, you had no idea how they're doing after the earthquake or even if they're still alive. thousands of people going through that right now, and many have turned to ireport.com to post pictures of their loved ones that they're desperate to find any information they can on. so many people are using ireports that the site has devoted an e
that could affect the balance of power in washington, d.c. it looks like two senators will not run for re-election. two other democrats said they are not running. what this means is that the party has to defend four seats this fall to maintain their powerful 60 seat majority. 60 is the magic number. it's just enough to break a republican filibuster if all 60 do vote together. now, two independents sign with the democrats giving them that majority. republicans will be trying to hold on to six open seats in the fall on their side. >>> new troubles for jayson williams. he's caught for dui. >> he was charged at his hospital bed. at 3:15, his suv hit a tree at a high speed. he suffered a broken bone in his neck and facial injuries. they are calling the injuries minor. when you look at the video, you say wow, minor injuries. witnesses told them he moved to the passenger seat after the crash. he refused a breathalyzer and he's waiting a retrial for the shooting death of his limo driver in 20 40i. >> thanks. >>> police in kansas city looking for a woman who had a big problem with her burger. it s
and falling in on you. there's actually drama going on in washington over the budget deficit. i find that fascinating. you should know, mostly talk, not as much action, but they put together a plan, there were going to set up a powerful task force and the senate rejected it. both parties, republicans said no way this could force tax hikes or cuts in social security and medicare. the white house is going to do something. president obama is expected to set up a deficit panel. it's going to be more advisory. the deficit is slightly down from last year's record, 1 hadn't $4 trillion, according to congressional numbers. americans took their newfound free time and used it to help the people around them. that's good news in a bad economy. more than 63 million of you volunteered vazing money, building homes, collecting food, tutoring kids. the labor department says it's more than 1.5 people than the year before. people can't give cash, but they are giving their time. >> more volunteers. thank you. >>> police believe they found the remains of a college student who disappeared at a metallica k
, but because i want to send a message to washington that both parties aren't getting it right. we already put the other party out. now we have this party in and it's not getting better. if we keep doing what we're doing, we're going to keep getting what we're getting. massachusetts -- >> let me interrupt you. is martha coakley a good candidate or a bad campaigner? >> i think she's a weak candidate and i think they believe that because the demographic was for democrats in this state that she was just going to walk in. >> barbara is on in ohio. what do you think? >> barbara: i'm for martha coakley. i'm not really happy with the way the things have gone. i'm backing barack obama. the republicans have nothing to say. they him hau around about it. i'm sick of it. i want something for the people. i'm a senior. i got my drugs all -- i'm a diabetic. there is a lot of them i have to give up. >> you have a lot at stake in this, i understand. joshua gets the last word in san francisco. how you doing? >> caller: pretty good. i just think that -- i'm a democrat. i'm here, i'm a 30-year-old. i don't have h
. washington were murdered. they were the ones renting this home. this was the home place on this estate property. it is in a rural town. in is the buck horn community. just outside bellville. this is a smaller community just outside of this. in the home we have deborah and george washington, another 25-year-old victim and a 3-year-old victim. in the back yard just behind the house there is another gentleman out there. he has just been identified. his last name is thomas. we believe there is a person of interest who is in custody right now and the reason why this man, his last name is also thomas, has not been charged with capital murder is because the district attorney's office has not reviewed the preliminary report. all victims we do know at this time were shot. and at this time it does appear that the man in custody, marion thomas, that he is the only one involved. as the investigation moves on we will learn more about this and if anyone else is, in fact, responsible. >> you mentioned we believe the fifth victim identified, michelle, cedric thomas. stephanie thomas, his wife, spoke t
, is this a message sent to washington, bad sign for the president, is this guy some rising star, scott brown? we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us. you can join us on facebook, as well or text message us at hln tv. all you have to do is start your message with the word "prime" plenty of ways for your voice to be heard! welcome. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. cops in virginia just filed criminal charges against the step-dad of missing 2-year-old aveion lewis. again, we look at the innocent brown eyes of this little guy. what happened to him? his step-dad, brandon lockett originally said intruders knocked him out and when he came to little aveion was gone. let's listen to that story. >> i heard a knock at the door. i went to the back door and all i remember was, boom, that's all i remember. when i came -- when i came to my wife was standing over him and my son, you know what i'm saying, he was crying and my daughter, she was gagged up stair, her room. >> we're finding out that story was a load of bull. cops say he confessed the little guy is dead. he's facing charges of child
and washington state, all snow in the higher elevations. another two feet of snow possible in some locations. here is the san francisco bay area radar as it swings around. we are watching lightning storms as it rotates in. a couple cracks of thunder is a possibility this morning as it moves into the l.a. basin area. the rain around phoenix, all snow in flagstaff. the highest elevations in southern arizona, including tucson, looking at 10 to 20 inches of snow. today, all rain for you. phoenix, it's coming in waves, one this morning, another this afternoon. winter storm warnings, advisories in the blue. the dense fog set up shop from minnesota back toward oklahoma. less than a quarter mile visibility. warm air trying to get above the colder air. freeze advisories in the blue. not to leave you out in the northeast, we have a quick moving cold front. central new york, gets toward massachusetts today. if you are voting today, a little light rain and snow. a watch is posted out there for you. eastern parts of maine, looking for three to seven inches of snow. more on that coming up in a half hour.
bundle up this new year's day. washington, d.c., the wind chill is only 34 so it's not quite as unbearable. watch out for lake effect snow, syracuse and lake erie, pennsylvania. this situation will actually get worse through the weekend, possibly up to a foot of snow. it is snowing right now in grand rapids and cal ma z -- kalamazo michigan. we're looking at changing conditions with fog in parts of the piedmont. lots of rain in atlanta. we thought it would turn into snow, but so far, so good. we have a look at your possible travel delays. i showed you some rain in atlanta. that's one of the places we're watching in terms of airport delays. we're going to show you those in a moment. we're watching out for delays across many cities, including chicago, possibly up to an hour. atlanta, delays could be up to an hour as well, rain and wind. and in cleveland, we'll look for light delays due to light snow, possibly up to an inch or two. christi? >> all right. bobbi, thank you. >>> there are new laws going up this year that are going to help you with your credit cards or even if you w
. >> the washington wizards remove all images of one-time star gilbert arenas who is indefinitely suspended for storing gun ins the locker room. four of his teammates will cough up the cash. each of them were find by the nba in the pregame huddle. the guys surrounding him laughing, smiling, making life of the whole situation. now they'll pay the price. >>> so much for the phrase let there be light. this was the scene last night at the prudential center in new jersey as the lights went dim during the second period of the devils-lightning game. they feverishly tried to get the lights back on. no go. after two hours the game had to be suspended. as you can imagine, the fans not too ham pi. >>> meantime, fan ins boston showing up in record numbers at fenway park to watch college hockey with temperatures hovering around 20 degrees and a windchill of seven. over 38,000 on hand saw boston university's 3-2 win over boston college. talk about diehards. >>> time for the play of the game. that's jerry kelly, season opening spc championship in hawaii, look for this flopped shot in the green. that's a c
of interest in the case but has not been arrested. he moved to washington state several weeks ago to stay with family members there. >>> toyota's president is apologizing for the problems that caused millions of car recalls. he says he's extremely sorry the company made the customers uneasy. he also says toyota will figure the problem out. toyota recalled more than 2 million cars in the u.s. and stopped selling and making some of its top sellers. that is because the gas pedal in those cars can get stuck. toyota says it's already shipping new gas pedals to its dealers. >>> so you may be wondering what happens if the gas pedal gets stuck while you're driving. well, we have some tips on how to get home safely. >> reporter: it happens without warning. >> now i'm going to hit the brake while the throttle's forward. watch. >> reporter: the technical term is sudden unintended acceleration. but toyota's latest problem involves a new twist. the gas pedal gets stuck even after the driver lifts their foot. larry webster says toyota's decision to recall millions of vehicles and halt production is unp
's seat. what republican scott brown's election will be to the balance of power in washington. >>> plus the people in earthquake-ravaged port-au-prince get something they don't need. a powerful aftershock overnight in the haiti capital. >>> more than a week after the earthquake, a woman is pulled from the rubble of the catholic archbishop's home. how she says she survived. >>> plus -- >> have you seen the news lately about the underwear bomber. >> joe carter finds out people's views on the underwear bomber. hi, everybody. welcome on a wednesday. i'm chuck roberts. great to have you with us. >>> there are no reports from major damage from the latest and very strong aftershock that rattled haiti this morning. the 6.1 temblor is the strongest one since last week's earthquake which leveled much if not all of port-au-prince. we've only received a report of one injury. yesterday a mexican rescue team fu pulled a 70-year-old from the rubble of the home of the catholic archbishop. she said she prayed constantly while waiting to be rescued. she was taken to the "uss bataan." the archbishop's hom
explosives in washington, d.c., as the president there took the oath of office. the paper says u.s. intelligence agencies did not yet know the threat was a false alarm. but defense secretary robert gates was taken to a secret location just in case. >> one of the things that the new administration agreed is that robert gates would be kept away from the inauguration in a secure location, a secret location just in case the worst happened and everybody in the line of succession were to be killed in a catastrophic event he'd be able to take over the presidency. >> now the reported threat turned out to be a little more than a rumor. >>> the u.s. embassy in yemen has reopened now. it was closed for two days because of a possible al qaeda threat. u.s. officials say yemeni officials did checks yesterday. the u.s. embassy is urging americans and yemen to remain vigilant. >>> outrage in deer born, michigan, high school at students showed up wearing the sweatshirts with what appeared to be 9/11 logos. take a look. 15 arab-american students printed the shirts like this one. many teachers and
enjoy differences of opinions, so go ahead. >>> both washington wizards players had guns in the locker room. he told authorities he needed a pistol because he thought arenas would shoot him after they argued after a card game. he got probation. >>> a student tried blindfolding a teacher. he made the shot. you have seen these where the guy misses and they pretend he hit it. >> he thought the joke was on him. he says i'll throw it. he hears the kids screaming. he didn't believe them when they were cheering. no. he made the shot. >> they didn't have the super bowl or the ncaa tickets they promised he would get. the final four. >> exactly. he got a restaurant certificate, instead. >> he's still their hero. thank you. the kids felt made and they were like we don't have final four tickets. >> he's get a denny's certificate. >>> we have massive dlats. areas like new york city, delays. not as long as yesterday, but still there. here is pennsylvania. look at the light snow in pittsburgh and cleveland, cincinnati and louisville. we had deicing in cincinnati. hour long delays in new york. yesterd
on fire. where is wjla, again? washington, d.c., area. there you go. just wanted to show you that. >>> a dog rescue frd a shelter rescued a man who gave him a new home. >> he saved my life. that's all i can say. i would have died in this spot if it hasn't been for him. >> it's like a story out of lassie. it's all new for you in about 20 minutes. >>> bobby, good morning. 17 minutes past the hour. we have a lot of folks watching from the airport. good day for them? >> i think so. especially east half of the nation. texas, rain pouring in from houston and san antonio. texas, gulf coast and louisiana, too. planes in dallas, the green spotted areas, that's all light rain. it's going to pick up in intensity today. could get delays because of this. so far, it's early. no delays now. great news. houston, watch for half hour to hour long delays, possible. seattle, going to see showers, too. las vegas, gusty winds, bumpy getting over the mountains. san francisco, morning fog. it's going to be patchy and thick. it should last until noon. >> thank you. >>> there's so many different angles her
. >>> washington wizards plan to find fine players for gilbert arenas antics that made light. they are reviewing who they will fine. a photo showed him during pregame shootings with most of the team laughing or smiling about it. >> the video of the day, a soccer fan decided to take matters into his own hands or his own feet, as it were. barefoot. i shouldn't be condoning this behavior. he tried to score. that gets you in a head lock and taken away by security. later, he would apologize to the fans for disrupting the game. again, we are not condoning this behavior by putting it on the air. >> maybe he'll end up on the team. >> maybe. >> don't try it at home. >>> bob, it's bad out there. 400 flights cancelled yesterday in chicago, is that right? >> yeah. that goalie made a stop. he stuck around to make a stop. things are going to be very slow especially if you are trying to get to the airport. icy roads outside. officially, just over half inch of snow on the ground. the ice is under there. it's tricky. delta, if you are flying delta out of atlanta, there are ground stoppages with your carrier unti
south as the carolinas. look at charlotte andrea leag ih in the 20s. particularly cold in washington, d.c. where the snow continues to fall. we're also looking at philadelphia right at 19. these numbers will drop even further tonight. notice the snow keeps on coming into philadelphia. cape may, new jersey out on the shore. once you head to the south it's an icy mix. so a wintry mix in the forecast for virginia beach. it's stopped snowing in piedmont, but plenty of snow on the ground there. temperatures cold enough for that to stay frozen overnight. unfortunately it's an icy situation aa cross the mid atlantic. certainly just south of the new york area which is also interesting to note. a lot of people are wondering why isn't the storm working up the coastline bringing more snow to new york city, boston, massachusetts. well, high pressure right here is blocking the storm. so it will push it away and out to sea. we have seen improving conditions. eventually the high in the center of the country will slide to the east and we'll see clearing develop. yesterday, heavy rainfall in louisiana.
to washington who is going to work tirelessly every single day to turn this economy around, to move this country forward, and to keep the american dream alive in our time and for all time. that's what martha coakley's about. >> many people in massachusetts are not happy with what's happening in washington, d.c. i think president obama coming in actually helped scott brown. >> if republicans win the senate seat, they would potentially have enough votes to defeat president obama's health care plan. also, democrats would lose their filibusterproof majority in the senate. >>> the taliban is claiming that it struck the nerve center of afghanistan's government this morning. it says that militants and suicide bombers attacked the presidential palace in kabul. it is unclear whether they made their way inside. but nato confirms bombings at government buildings near the palace. heavy gunfire has been going on for hours. at least five people died, and 38 are injured. >>> you know what? it's going to be a nasty week for the people on the west coast. a series of storms has started coming in ashore in souther
move in washington to deduct your donations to haiti relief in this year's tax returns, even though you are giving it in 2010. these are the taxes for 2009. congress passed this bill to deduct it from your 2009 taxes as long as you make that donation by the end of february. president obama is expected to sign it. the red cross already collected more than $127 million in donations. if you donated by text message, you may be thinking i can't print out the text, how do i prove that? yuds your phone bill to document the gift. it will list the charity, date and amount of donation. that's what you need. if you want to help the quake victims, go the cnn.com/robin. if you go through the impact link, you can see lists of charities to donate or go to cnn.com/impact. there are all kind of charities there and on the ground that can take your money and turn it into direct relief. robin. >> thank you very much. good guidelines here. >>> there's a new basketball league in the works. there's a hitch. you have to be white. >> there's a way to get your taxes done for free. ♪ what's the worldcoming to
the chinese embassy in washington, not successful. i think hillary clinton hasn't been successful. >>> biggest bankers are going to be called front and center in washington to be asked about their role in the financial meltdown. this is the kind of thing that happens after something like that, right? there are lots of congressional hearings. they want to find out what happened and if there are any major policy changes they should put into place to prevent it from happening again. it will be a bipartisan panel of former politicians and business leaders trying to find out what caused the crisis and report back. >>> i think one of the things you may remember, we used to have a big fire wall in place in between companies that make lots of gambles and banks. back in the 90s they took that down and a lot of people think, maybe we should have kept that in place. it would have kept a lot of the banks safer. >> interesting. thank you. >>> you're going to be seeing a little less of first lady michelle obama. why the peta ads she was in are about to disappear. >>> plus why jose canseco says mark mcgwire
the panhandle of florida. it's for holmes, walton and washington county. it's moving at 45 miles an hour. the entire region is under a watch. it's pushing the unsettled water. now, stretching into georgia, tennessee, gets into the carolinas later today. here is the radar picture. montgomery, west of tallahassee. there's where the tornado watch is located. heavy rain in birmingham now. look at this feature. a beau shape. watch for winds here. it could be gusting. as the rain moves to the colder atmosphere, freezing rain, snow and sleet. that's what we have. winter storm warnings in red, advisories in blue and green. a watch to the mason-dixon line. one across seattle. two from later today through tomorrow moves ashore. all the heavy rain is out there. saturday afternoon, the all-clear is given for california. have to get through the next 36 hours. >> thank you. >>> cindy mccain is taking a stand, but some republicans may not like this. conan o'brien may have sealed the deal with nbc, but the attacks on his boss keep oncoming. >>> time for us to salute our troops. today's salute comes fro
at the massive storm that stretches south of hawaii. lots of rain with this. it slides from washington state to california. it could be a rainmaker. more on that in a bit. let me show you video. firefighters halted the progress of a wildfire burning in riverside county. this is southern california. 150 acres consumed. it's 25% contained. good news here, the weather is good. no wind. more on that in a little bit. >> thank you. >> yep. >>> a lot of our viewers have probably donated money to help people in haiti. you want to know your money goes right there. we have information on how your money is being used. >>> a woman was arrested for trying to trade her kid. you have to hear what she wanted in return. >>> let's salute our troops today. today it's for machinist meat fireman, us navy from his dad, gary. >> hi. i'm gary. i'm sending this salute to my son zachry keuschel. he's a happy loving young man. we hope everything is going well for you. we hope to hear and see you soon and we love you very much. >> gary, that is such a natural and heart-felt message. i appreciate that. i know that perso
. >>> scott brown is in washington getting a look at his new place of business. first up, a warm greeting from republican senator john mccain, one of brown's staunchest campaign supporters. the new senator is meeting with the minority leader and john kerry and paul kirk. brown will take over kirk's seat when his election is certified. he says it should happen next week. the state of massachusetts notified the senate brown is the unofficial winner of tuesday's special election. president obama's push to overhaul your health care could be in trouble. house sneaker nancy pelosi said she doesn't have the votes to pass the senate version of the bill. democrats are re-examining the reforms after losing the super majority. hln hit the streets to hear your views. >> reporter: i'm joe carter with views from the street. we've talking politics to sports to health care. do you have an opinion? do you have a strong opinion? we want to hear from you. >> health care. do you think it should be a public option? would you like more taxes out of your check to make sure everybody else is taken care of? do you thi
. >>> bank failures are common last year and still turning up in 2010. horizon bank of bellingham, washington, was the first bank to fail this year. all its deposits and assets will be taken over by washington savings and federal loan association in seattle. that means the fdic will have to cover more than $500 million in insurance costs. 140 banks failed last year, the highest number since 1992. the fdic chairwoman says the number could be even higher this year in 2010. >>> this weekend, las vegas is a high tech haven. firms are showing off their trendiest smart books, laptops and lots of other devices. hln's joe carter is there and takes a look at something that soon you may not be able to do without. >> reporter: we're in las vegas. it's not just gambling this week. it's all about the gadgets. the technological world has come here to unveil their hottest projects for 2010, the smartphones, the pcs. the gaming. let's go check it out. so what is this? >> it's a k-3 wind and solar charger. it charges any of your small electronic devices, cell phones, ipods. >> reporter: so i can plug my iphon
that are also on the roads and be safe. >> the storm also walloped the metro washington area. that city got more than 5 inches of snow as the storm swept through yesterday and overnight. >>> at least 60 people in pennsylvania were left in the cold when their apartment building burned down yesterday. fire gutted the 40-unit building. no one was hurt. the landlord is putting the folks who live there in local hotels. the red cross is paying for their food and clothing. >>> iowa state university police are asking for the public's help in the search for a graphic design student who vanished over a week ago. take a look at these pictures of jonathan lacina. they're from the university's website. police say the 21-year-old was last seen in ames around 9:30 p.m., friday, january 22nd. lacina's father called campus police yesterday to report him missing. several law enforcement agencies have joined the search. he's 5'11", 155 pounds and has brown hair and green eyes. he was last seen wearing a black coat and blue jeans. investigators are asking anyone with any kind of information to call campus police. >
new york post" reports two washington wizard players, gilbert arenas and ja varis crittenton drew guns on each other during an argument. according to the post, it began when arenas refused to pay a gambling debt to crittenton. it's not clear if any other wizard players saw the confrontation but "the post" says wizard officials didn't even notify the league about the incident until the paper made inquiries. d.c. police are now investigating. . >>> there's a lot of rumors going around. sorting rumors from fact will take some time. there is an investigation under way and i can't comment on it. >> the wizards released a statement saying the team takes this situation and the ongoing investigation very seriously. >>> iraq says it's filing a lawsuit against five u.s. security guards. on thursday, a federal judge threw out manslaughter charges against five employees of blackwater. they were accused of killing 17 iraqi citizens in 2007 in a massive shoot-out in baghdad. the judge said the government improperly compelled the guards to make statements about the incident, which violated their fift
" reports two washington wizard players, gilbert arena and javarris crittenton drew guns on one another during an argument last week. it began when arenas refused to pay a gambling debt to crittenton. it's not clear if any other players saw the alleged confrontation but the post says the officials didn't notify the police about the accident until they started investigating. >> there's a lot of rumors around that will take time. there's an investigate under way and i can't comment on it. >> the team says they take this incident and the on-going investigation very seriously. >>> iraq says it's filing a lawsuit against five u.s. security guards. thursday, a federal judge throu through out manslaughter charges against five employees of black water accused of killing citizens in 2007 in a shooting in baghdad. the government said they improp improper -- the judge said they improperly compelled the guards to make statements against their interest and the government calls it an act of murder and asking the u.s. justice department to appeal the dismissal. the u.s. commander in iraq that says ira
for minneapolis. atlanta and tampa, 30s and 50s. 20s mostly for boston, new york, washington, d.c. 31. then as we zip toward the west. 72 in phoenix. 63 in san francisco. l.a. 74 and 51 in seattle. that is a wrap on your forecast. i'm reynolds wolf for hln. >>> one of our ireporters had his camera rolling when a firecracker went off course with dramatic results. what happened to the crowd at this new year's eve celebration. >>> police in arizona say a teenage girl killed her 17-year-old brother when she accidentally ran over him with the car. authorities say the two were playing a dangerous game at a mall in mesa. the boy kept jumping in front of his sister's moving car and then she'd slam on the brakes. police say the last time he did it she couldn't stop in time and ran over him. he later died at a hospital. >>> friends and family of a missing utah woman are turning to social media networks in an attempt to find her. starting tomorrow, people looking for susan powell will begin a three-day blitz on twitter and youtube. organizers are asking facebook users to turn their profile pictures to a pur
morning. >>> there is a new huge debate over race and racism in washington. republicans want senate majority leader harry reid to step down. now, he apologized this weekend for comments that he made about two years ago about president obama's skin color and speech. the democratic black caucus now says it accepts his apology, but the gop says there is a double standard. >> senator reid very appropriately immediately went out and apologized for comments that were insensitive. they were comments made in the context of him praising senator obama and supporting his candidacy for president. but still, they kind of reflect the thinking of a day gone by. >> when democrats get caught saying racist things, you know, an apology is enough. if that had been mitch mcconnell saying that about an african-american candidate for president of the united states, trust me, this chairman and the dnc would be screaming for his head. >> it's coming out now because of a new book called "game change." and reid said that he thought that the country was ready for a black candidate, especially, quote, a light-s
of independent voters when they get angry with washington. >>> it's getting harder to play hook ki in texas. judges have been ordering kids with dozens of averages to carry gps tracking devices. the students have to enter a code five times a day to make sure they are where they should be. it also involves counseling. >> is this intended to embarrass them? >> yes, it is. the law says they need to be in school. if they don't want to get up, well, we're going to get them there. >> now, the judge says it will send over a constable to get the kids out of bed. oh. is this is good idea? you tell me. or is it the government doing the parents job or fine with you. go to facebook by going to cnn.com/robin. there's a facebook icon. if you are an e-mailer, hit the contact button. or yell at the tv, but i won't get their response. >> can they keep it on like an an kell bracelet? >> i'm not sure if it's attached like on probation. otherwise, it's like here, kid, take this and go to school. >> exactly. someone who speaks with experience. >> a little too much thought into truancy. >>> a college basketball
are still turning up in 2010. horizon bank in bellingham, washington, was the first bank to fail this year. all of its assets will be taken over by the washington federal loan association of seattle. that means the fdic will have to cover more than half a billion dollars in insurance costs. 140 banks failed last year. that's the highest number since 1992. the fdic chairwoman says the number could be even higher this year in 2010. >>> have you seen the national debt clock lately? here it is, a staggering 12-plus trillion dollars and it's climbing. a teenager in rhode island decided to do something about it. she got the idea as part of a high school class project. the assignment was, find a social issue and take some action. 16-year-old katherine young wanted to help pay down the national debt so she held a bake sale. >> at first i wasn't serious about it but then when i thought about it, i realized that it was -- it would be a powerful statement to make, just to the government, the nation, kids around the school, because the national debt is a serious problem and i don't think it's handled
. obama are attending the funeral service. they'll return to washington this afternoon. former president clinton is also in attendance and hillary clinton, as you know, is traveling. but, again, joe biden there as he says good-bye to his beloved mother. >>> a new jersey man was kidnapped and taken half way across the country and it may have been a big mistake. investigators say three men tasered ju eeded jeff muller an him and took off driving. they got to missouri when they started having car trouble. they stopped at a convenience store and that's when muller got free. >> i needed to wash my windshield. it was splattered with snow and salt and everything. it was just dirty. and i was washing it. this guy jumped out of the car and starts waving his arms screaming and hollering, help me. get me out of here. drive me out of here, quick. he jumps into the passenger seat. >> the three suspects are facing kidnapping charges. there are their pictures. it's not clear why they wanted to kidnap someone named jeff muller. prosecutors us is spkt they grabbed the wrong guy. >>> a dallas area school
. >>> these are members of the navy leaving bethesda naval center outside washington today. they're initially going to baltimore and then board the usns comfort. it is basically a floating hospital with hundreds of doctors, nurses and technicians. it has 12 operating rooms, space for 1,000 hospital beds. admiral mike mullen expects between 9:00 and 12,000 american troops in haiti off the coast at least by monday. >> we just found out about it. >> we've been searching for like -- >> hope gets boosted a little more with each person pulled from the destruction. rescuers pulled an 11-year-old girl out of the rubble from the earthquake yesterday after agonizing fear that they would have to cut off her leg to get her out. she had been crying in pain, pinned under heavy debris. men worked through the day by hand. finally somebody showed up with a generator and electric saw to cut the concrete. she's badly hurt, been sent to a hospital. >>> a man trapped in a school was pulled out after an excruciating rescue. his father, a brother and friend were cutting away the debris that trapped him using a welding to
"the washington post," waitresses that remember your order is a thing of the past. it's getting too complicated. you're saying i want this, but hold the shrimp, i don't want gluten. is that raw sugar or highly processed. >>> investigators are -- is it like going to dinner with me? it's exactly how it is. >>> investigators are trying to figure out what caused an explosion that leveled a church. a fire broke out at the church in anderson on sunday night. there was an explosion that was heard three miles away. the church was empty and no one was injured. >> it was quite devastating to see a place of worship demolished this way. >> the church had a propane tank. it's unclear if that played any role in this. >>> here is a switch. one of the big auto makers says it might start hiring, again. yeah. jennifer west hoefr is here. >> thanks. we are talking gm. i think some towns are going, is it us? gm may reopen shuttered factories. it means more jobs. that would be good news in a bad economy. gm may have strength to get back on its feet. gm is selling enough cars that two plants are on stand
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